Aston Martin (1956)


In 1913 Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford founded Bamford & Martin Ltd. in Kensington where the first Aston Martin prototype appeared in 1915. The following years they build race cars, Bamford left the company in 1920, until it went bankrupt in 1924. Aston Martin was bought but was closed again in 1926 when Martin left the company. Bill Renwick, Augustus Bertelli and some investors bought the company and renamed it to Aston Martin Motors Ltd.. Aston Martin concentrated on building race cars until 1936 a decision was made to produce 'civil' cars. After the second world war David Brown took over Aston Martin and joined it with Lagonda to Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd., with headquarters in Newport Pagnell, until he sold the now renowned company. The financial situation became tense until Ford took over in 1987. With the DB7 Aston Martin tied in with the prosperous years under Brown. Ford sold most of their shares in 2007 to a consortium. 2013 a partnership with Mercedes-AMG was agreed.
This logo is from the Aston Martin DB 2/4 Mk II Coupé


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