14th Concours d'Elegance Classic-Gala 2018 at Schwetzingen

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From Aug. 31st until Sep, 2nd 2018 the Classic-Gala took place in Schwetzingen. At the fantastic sunny saturday and in perfect atmosphere in the baroque garden of the castle about 180 cars were presented and judged by the jury. The spacious grounds gave enough room for each car and thus also for the visitors. This years honorable make Stoewer was presented with 15 cars directly at the entrance of the garden.

This 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS Zagato was "Best of Show".
1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS Zagato (front view) 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS Zagato (rear view)

This 1904 Mercedes-Simplex 28/32 PS Tonneau gained 3rd place in the "Best of Show" category.
1904 Mercedes-Simplex 28/32 PS Tonneau (front view) 1904 Mercedes-Simplex 28/32 PS Tonneau (rear view)

This 1929 Mercedes-Benz SS 38/250 Corsica-Roadster won the "Grand Prix" of the Classic Gala.
1929 Mercedes-Benz SS 38/250 Corsica-Roadster (front view)1929 Mercedes-Benz SS 38/250 Corsica-Roadster (rear view)

Because of the large amount of pictures I decided to publish them step-by-step starting with cars until 1930 (FIVA Klassen A bis C). Among the cars are the following new makes for my website: Amilcar, Fafnir, Franklin, Grade, Grout, Phänomen, Rochet-Schneider, Stanley, Willys-Knight.

Here is the list of new cars:

1898 Benz Velociped Vis-à-vis
1900 Grout Stanhope
1904 Fafnir Omnimobil Doppel-Phaeton
1904 Mercedes-Simplex 28/32 PS Tonneau
1908 De Dion-Bouton Grand Prix
1909 Adler 18/35 PS Doppelphaeton
1909 Benz 35/60 PS Rennwagen
1910 Rochet-Schneider 25 CV Double Phaeton
1911 De Dion-Bouton Type CS Limousine
1911 Le Zèbre A3 Rotonde
1913 Benz 8/20 PS Doppel-Phaeton
1913 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Labourdette-Double Cab Limousine
1913 Stoewer C2 Doppelphaeton
1916 Maxwell Model 25 Tourer
1919 Stanley 735D Steamer
1921 Grade F2 Rennwagen
1923 Stoewer D9 Tourenwagen
1924 Stoewer D12 Tourenwagen
1926 Amilcar CGSs Duval-Torpedo
1926 Peugeot 172 R Coupé
1927 Franklin Model 11 B Tandem Sport
1927 Rolls-Royce 20 HP Sedanca de Ville
1928 Fiat 509 SM (Participant at the OCRM - Classic Days 2018, Schloss Waldthausen)
1928 Opel RAK2
1928 Stoewer 8 Typ S 10 Limousine
1928 Phänomen 4 RL K Landkraftpostwagen
1929 Bugatti Type 44 Gangloff Cabriolet
1929 Dixi 3/15 DA1 Kastenwgen
1929 Mercedes-Benz SS 38/250 Corsica-Roadster
1929 Stoewer Gigant G15 K Phaeton
1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS Zagato
1930 Amilcar M2 Faux-Cabriolet
1930 BMW 3/15 PS DA3 Wartburg Spezial Roadster
1930 Willys-Knight Model 70B Sedan

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