2017 Bertha Benz Fahrt

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At the first weekend of August the "Bertha Benz Fahrt" was held. It takes place every two years to honour the first long distance run of a motor car by Berta Benz, wife of Carl Benz, in 1888. The event is organized by the "Automuseum Dr. Carl Benz" and the "Allgemeiner Schnauferl Club" and is open for cars built up to 1930 - well they bend it to allow some newer cars of the late 1930s.
The cars had to drive from Mannheim to Pforzheim on Saturday and back to Mannheim on sunday. I decided to watch the cars arrive at the "Wasserturm" in Mannheim on Sunday and was happy to see so many old cars from 1893 to 1937 reaching the finish line of the tour. Among the cars are the following new makes for my website: Bedford-Buick, Brasier, Clément-Bayard, Delage, Léon Buat, Napier, Oldsmobile, Overland.

The following cars are now published on my site:
1893 Benz Vis-à-vis
1895 Benz Velociped Vis-à-vis
1903 Léon Buat 3,5 CV
1907 Napier T27 Sports Tourer
1908 Bedford-Buick Model 10 Runabout
1909 Renault AX Phaeton
1910 Adler KL 7/17 PS Tourenwagen
1910 Delage R Phaeton
1911 Brasier 15 CV Torpedo
1911 Renault CE Limousine
1912 Cadillac Model 30 Open Tourer
1912 Clément-Bayard CB10 Double Phaeton
1912 Overland Model 69 Tourer
1912 Renault CC Double Phaeton
1914 Opel 6/16 PS Torpedo
1915 Delage B1 Torpedo
1922 Alfa Romeo RL Sport
1922 Studebaker Special Six Tourer
1925 Benz 10/35 PS Offener Tourenwagen
1925 Citroën Type C3 Torpedo
1925 Lancia Lambda Torpedo
1926 Fiat 509A Torpedo
1927 Mercedes-Benz Typ 630 Offener Tourenwagen
1928 Lagonda 2 Litre Speed Model Tourer
1928 Mercedes-Benz Typ Stuttgart 200 Limousine
1929 Chevrolet International Phaeton
1929 Mercedes-Benz SS Cabriolet
1929 Mercedes-Benz Typ 460K Nürburg Sport Roadster
1930 Riley Nine Speed Model Brooklands

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